Atwood Rope MFG Tactical Kevlar 3/32 (100ft) - Red Hawk Tactical

Atwood Rope MFG Tactical Kevlar 3/32 (100ft)

Atwood Rope MFG
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Tactical Kevlar 3/32 Cord (100ft) is a modern tactical cord, characterized by twice the durability of regular tactical lines. This paracord has parameters similar to cords about 4 times as thick. This means high tensile strength, even up to 238 kg (525 lbs), while the product has a very low weight of 136 g at approximately 30m (100ft) in length. Made of high-quality materials, with an outer braid made of aramid, it is also characterized by significant resistance to high temperatures, even up to about 480 degrees Celsius (900F). Thanks to this, it can be used for work that causes it to heat up significantly. In addition, this cord is rot and UV resistant, which makes this line perfect for various outdoor activities, including severe emergency - survival conditions. This product has been developed, tested and manufactured by Atwood Rope MFG from the USA, by one of the largest producers of paracord lines. This gives you a guarantee of high quality and reliability.

  • Tensile strength - 525 lbs / 238 kg
  • UV & Rot Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Lightweight & strong
  • Made in USA
  • SKU: CD-TK1-NL